Interest-free liquidity at your fingertips.

Borrow 0% interest loans with ETH as collateral. Stake LQTY or LUSD to earn network fees and rewards.

100% private & anonymous

There are no log files and no traces whatsoever when you access Gemach. Privacy of our users is priority #1.

100% reliable

Our load balanced cluster of bare metal servers ensure the app is always accessible with failover systems in place to ensure 100% uptime.

80% kickback rate

You keep 80% of all network fees and rewards earned. The nominal 20% fee helps us keep Gemach operational and build new features.

What is Gemach?

Gemach is a decentralized borrowing protocol offering interest-free liquidity against collateral in Ether. By utilizing a novel liquidation mechanism and leveraging an algorithmic monetary policy it can offer unprecedented benefits for borrowers.

Interest-free borrowing

Borrow the stablecoin LUSD interest-free against your Ether as collateral. There is a zero description as the protocol can generate the LUSD tokens itself, thus it does not need to pass any capital costs onto the borrowers.

Censorship resistant

There is no administrator with special privileges that could interfere with, alter, or halt the operation of the liquity protocol in any way. Plus the Gemach front end is build for complete privacy and anonymity.

110% collateral ratio

The Liquity protocol allows a minimum collateral ratio of 110%! Which equates to a loan-to-value ratio of 90.09%. This makes borrowing highly capital efficient and allows for up to 11x leverage on your investments.

Redeemable stablecoin

LUSD is a fully redeemable stablecoin. At any point in time, you can redeem your LUSD for the underlying Ether collateral at face value. Every redemption leads to a contraction of the total LUSD supply and to an adjustment of the base rate.

Governance free

Unlike other platforms, Liquity protocol does not rely on human governance to vote on monetary interventions. All protocol parameters are either preset and immutable or algorithmically controlled by the protocol itself — making human interventions redundant.

Incentives for stakers and stability providers

The system captures the revenue from the borrowing and redemption fees and pays it out on a pro rata basis to the stakers of the LQTY token. Holders can also deposit LUSD tokens to the Stability Pool to earn network fees in ETH and LQTY rewards.